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Established in 1990, “New Horizons” is a practice-orientated services enterprise, whose performance is based on more than half a century of sailing experience, seafaring and oceanographic research activities. We advise, inform and impart knowledge and know-how. We carry, look after, provide entertainment, coach and help.

Experience Sailing


We offer sailing trips and more challenging passages for students, sailors, charter guests like vacationists,  scientists, filmmakers, photographers, bird watchers or just nature lovers.

Join us for an unforgettable cruise along the marvellous Northland Coast of New Zealand or for a longer voyage – perhaps to or from the South Seas Islands? We welcome families, small groups or individuals who like to be out there on the water in fresh air and sunshine. With us you’ll have fun, find adventure, lots of exciting or tranquil (as you like it!) sailing and beautiful overnight anchorages.

Ask for your own individually tailored pleasure trip and get away from it all for an unforgettable holiday with a beautiful “windship” just to yourself.

Accommodation/Sailing package: Stay at ‘Fiddler’s Green‘, in our lovely holiday cottages close to the sea on arrival day and/or returning from a sailing trip.

tall-ships-race-2006-iiDiscover New Horizons

Are you a sailor yourself? Are you planning a voyage to far away destinations? Are you looking for places, where the world is still clean, where people are friendly and where you’ll feel well? Then you’ll get tips and suggestions from us while you are on our genuine “South Seas Windship” and Cape Horner.

We offer navigation classes for blue water sailors aboard or ashore where expertise can be brushed up or imparted freshly.




Learn from the Sea

Trips for students, graduates, doctorands and scientists of Oceanography, Marine Geology, Marine Biology and Geography for diplomas and other University qualifications or for general research tasks.

Are you a student of Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Oceanography or Geography? Are you looking for an inexpensive way to carry out your tasks and studies at sea?

With us you can do so. And you don’t have to wait ages until you get a place of work on a regular, large-scale and high priced research vessel. We are equipped for general oceanographic research tasks and we are looking forward to a scientific trip with you!

Are you a sailor, on holidays, or just a person interested in matters related to the sea who would like to become introduced to Marine Geography? Then you should book some time with us.

In the past we have undertaken various research trips for private people, organizations and institutes in Germany, England, Denmark, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and New Zealand, and the tasks ranged from marine chemistry over marine geology and oceanography to marine biology and general ecology of the oceans.

We have studied coral growth in Vanuatu, sediments in the Firth of Eckernförde and the Bahia Corral, water quality between little islands in Denmark and currents in the Caribbean, in Tongan and New Zealand waters – to name only a few.

We have observed, counted and ringed seabirds in Patagonia, taken readings of water temperatures over new volcanic activities in Tonga and Fiji and surveyed channels and unnamed bays in Tierra del Fuego.

And just round the corner, only a few miles from our homeport, we have two famous wrecks where one can study most conveniently marine growth by comparison. One is the “RAINBOW WARRIOR” off the Cavalli Islands, the other is “HMNZS CANTERBURY” in Deep Water Cove.


Nautical Services

  • We give you advice on the planned purchase or design of your yacht and supervise continuously it’s construction.
  • We draw up expert opinions on the suitability of sailing vessels for the intended purpose also with alteration or reconstruction projects.
  • We check and inspect your yacht in Northland/New Zealand while you are away overseas.
    (Battery charging, mooring lines, ventilation, engine maintenance, supervising contract work, etc.)
  • We arrange the delivery of your yacht – worldwide, reliable, fast and punctual.
  • We advise journalists, authors and filmmakers with nautical texts and plots (including historical background)
  • and we translate English – German – Spanish.


We supply you with lots of information by way of correspondence lessons and courses and tailor it to your requirements.

Additionally we offer:

  • Individual consultation for Bluewater- and Long distance sailors
  • Private Tuition on all relevant nautical topics like Navigation, Meteorology, Routeing, Seamanship, ship’s maintenance, voyage planning, provisioning, technical issues etc.
  • Theory and practice aboard our Brigantine ATAIR
  • A basic introduction to oceanography and marine ecology onboard
  • Carrying out the training and navigational instruction trips intensively in small groups guarantees a very high success rate. With us you will navigate yourself!




Please ask for our offer, we’ll be happy to tailor it to your very special needs